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May 7, 2014
Test and Trace
October 30, 2020

Access to a functional health system is a human right. AFRIDAC has been at the forefront of advocating for the right to health globally especially in developing countries.

AFRIDAC have been part of a network of other civil society organisations that advocated and promoted the Human Resource for Health (HRH) and other issues relating to health rights as a member of the World Health Organisation (, Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA), a member of the Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative (HWAI), a member of the FCGH Alliance and listed on the United Nations Economic and Social Affairs Civil Society database.

Framework Convention on Global Health (FCGH Alliance)

AFRIDAC has been part of a growing global campaign for a proposed Framework Convention on Global Health (FCGH) – a global treaty based in human rights and aimed at national and global health equity. The framework is focused on all people, wherever they live, to enable easy access to comprehensive universal health coverage in a health system that does not discriminate. AFRIDAC drafted the Africa advocacy strategy for the global campaign; organised and presented at a side session at the 2016 World Health Assembly in Geneva.