Year 1 Evaluation Report- Community Advocacy and Mentoring Programme

The years of systematic and institutional racism act as a catalyst for the African community in London to experience a number of health and social inequalities. These outcomes have been made worse by the pandemic and cost of living crisis which, accompanied by the lack of welfare support, resulting in London’s African community reporting higher levels of mental health issues, suicide, bereavement and insecurity relating to living necessities. As an answer to the need for more culturally appropriate interventions, the African Development and Advocacy Centre (AFRIDAC) was given funding from the Trust for London’s Connected Communities to run the AFRIDAC Community Advocacy and Mentoring Programme.

The training for Cohort 1 took place over five days and was mainly facilitated by Oladapo, the founder of AFRIDAC. Here, the first 15 individuals (Cohort 1) received thorough and holistic training that included presentations, case studies, group work, videos, guest speakers and trips. Participants also received 1-2-1 mentoring throughout the Programme.

The objectives of training are specifically designed to provide participants with;

  • A clear understanding of what advocacy is and the role of a community advocate.
  • Clarity on how to plan an effective, efficient and realistic advocacy.
  • Greater communications skills to advocate more confidently and get their (and others) voices heard.

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Our Year 1 Evaluation Report not only reflects the past but also offers a glimpse into our future goals and strategies for an even brighter Year 2 and 3.